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Brands Improved…

Can You Relate???

Your online business consumes time, requires a lot of knowledge and takes tremendous *and consistent* effort to scale and flourish.

Seemingly simple steps to improve your bottom line can quickly become complex and frustrating undertakings, leaving you feeling overwhelmed…

But worse… it can quickly rob you of precious time, resulting in aspects of your business becoming neglected, stagnant and in dire need of attention.

Take for example a “simple” Lead Generation Funnel:

You first need to brainstorm the method to attract your audience enough to give up their information.

For example, you choose to offer a digital coupon.

Easy Right?… Not so fast!

And there’s more, but you get the idea… It’s a lot!

Email Marketing

Web Funnel Creation

Technology Integration

Grow Your Business With Ben's Help...

Since 2016, I have worked with direct-to-consumer e-commerce companies, with wide-ranging roles and responsibilities. These opportunities provided real world, hands on experience using some of the industry’s top platforms, including:

  • E-commerce stores like Shopify, SamCart and Infusionsoft
  • Email marketing CRMs like Klaviyo, Maropost, DRIP and more
  • Website and page builders using WordPress, Clickfunnels, and others
  • And so much more… 

My involvement with many platforms included technical configuration, setup and ongoing management as well as development of standard operating procedures. 

PLUS, I’ve also honed the creative skills necessary to brainstorm, develop and bring to life successful marketing funnels. 

This experience includes: 

  • Crafting email marketing copy
  • Writing webpage copy
  • Brainstorming variations for website and email optimization
  • Light graphic design work 
  • And more… 

I’m passionate about using my wide-ranging online/e-commerce marketing experience and knowledge to help small direct-to-consumer businesses improve their bottom line sales. 

Here’s how I can help grow your business…


Email is golden, and it’s here to stay… and any company that neglects email is sadly leaving money on the table. 

I have ample experience developing various email funnels that build relationships and drive sales. These sequences include Welcome Funnels, Abandoned Cart Reminders, Post-Purchase Follow-Ups, Re-Engagement Funnels and more.

And by implementing A/B testing on existing email funnels, I can help optimize your email impact across the board! 

Plus, I’m flexible with whatever tools are available. My current experience includes Klaviyo, Maropost, DRIP and Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), and I can easily learn new platforms.

I can help you increase sales right now!

  • Only need email copy (you already have the funnels)… I can help!
  • Just need the funnels set up (you’ve already written the emails)… I can help!
  • Maybe you need funnels created AND copy written… Yup, I can help with this, too!


Whether you run an online business or a brick and mortar shop, having a website in the 21st century is akin to having a Yellow Page listing prior to the turn of the millennium… IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

Your website is where potential customers get to deepen their relationship with you… and developing a deep bond with potential customers is a powerful factor to improving sales.

So, having a website that clearly communicates what problem you solve AND your brand’s unique selling proposition is vitally important to elevating your brand in the minds of potential customers.

I have hands on experience building landing pages for lead magnets, individual sales pages, promotional sales pages, upsell pages to increase your average order value, and many more. Within each of these categories, I have the expertise to execute on both the technical and creative levels.

Technically, I can setup your web pages to function with the appropriate call to action (ex: sales page with button to order form, lead magnet with contact form submission, upsell page with an “add to cart” button, etc…)

And creatively, I can write sales copy, design a layout that emphasizes conversions and put together a visually impressive representation of your brand.


Successful brands are supported by many different platforms that all link together to share data in order to deliver an amazing customer experience. 

Without proper integration, your ability to create the strongest bond with your buyers (and potential buyers) suffers. If not properly addressed, the most likely outcome is lost customers and lost money. 

Just think of the importance of proper integration between a store platform, like Shopify, with an email platform, like Klaviyo…

You have the ability to automate very specific marketing messages to all of your contacts, based on their unique customer journey…

  • Integration ensures the brand new contact receives messaging that encourages their first purchase.
  • Integration ensures the one-time buyer receives messaging that encourages another purchase.
  • Integration ensures the repeat buyer receives messaging that encourages them to spread the word to all their friends!

I have the experience to ensure your platforms are properly integrated to help your business stand out!


Ben is amazingly talented, intelligent, and methodical about everything he does. If you are looking for someone to assist you in the strategic implementation of the many moving parts of a digital or ecommerce business, Ben is your go to resource, and you will be very pleased.

He knows how to help you get the right things done in your business. He deeply understands the reasons why these things need to be done, and in the right order. He can figure out a solution to almost every marketing & tech challenge you have in your business, and help you implement that solution intelligently.

Plus, he's just plain awesome and fun, and reliable to work with. Highly recommend him.
Jefreaux Peairs | Executive Advisor
Jefreaux Peairs
Executive Advisor& Digital Media Buyer
Honestly Ben, Dennis has worked with a lot of people and I can't tell you how many times he was like 'Ben is awesome. He's super smart and really helping me out'.

And that doesn't happen very often...

Thank you for all that you have done... You're truly incredible!
Kelsey Heenan of HIITBURN
Kelsey Heenan
Co-Owner of HIITBURN
You took a ton of stuff off my plate in terms of building back-end stuff and all of that... Honestly, it's been amazing working with you.
Dennis Heenan of HIITBURN
Dennis Heenan
Co-Owner of HIITBURN

Yes, I Want To Grow My Business!


Nope. I work one-on-one with my clients and do the actual work myself! 

That said, I welcome diverse teams and highly enjoy collaborating with others to elevate your brand’s success.

Interested? Let’s talk >>

My specialty is working with direct-to-consumer small businesses…

I’ve worked with brands spanning health supplements, online fitness training, online entrepreneur & business coaching, promotional products and apparel companies.

While these brands offer different products and services much of the marketing and technology requirements are similar, and that’s where I can help 🙂

If you have questions about how I can help your business please fill out this contact form

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