Areas of Expertise

So, what exactly do you do?
That’s a pretty legit question, especially if you’re visiting my page. But it’s also got a pretty long answer.

Let’s cover the short/summarized version first…

I help grow ecommerce companies by implementing automations and working with technology to connect customers and businesses.

Sounds easy, right? Well, now let’s dive into the slightly longer, more detailed version…

Email Marketing CRMs

Whether it’s setting up and integrating a new CRM into a current tech stack, or organizing an existing CRM I can help.

CRMs are a great tool to collect contact information: who downloaded a lead magnet, who has bought recently, who is a repeat buyer, and so much more.

By using this information we can create unique audiences for very specific email sequences.

All of this results in very relatable email content, and ultimately increases conversions.


Yup, I write copy.

I have ample experience creating email copy for daily broadcasts as well as automated sequences, such as lead magnets and sales funnels.

That said, I’m also comfortable editing existing copy, making necessary adjustments and ensuring everything is properly programmed inside of emails, onto webpages… or wherever your little heart desires.